J&H was birthed because of necessity and a large gap between services provided by the government and the existing NGOs. The trustees and the advisors who have pioneered work in human trafficking and rescue, care for the prisoners and their children realized that restoration was very difficult for a survivor as the aftercare was almost absent or what exists is inadequate to restore a child to a thriving citizen within a community. Having the experience and the success in restoring a few children and working with the government in complicated cases, the advisors and trustees were convinced that providing a holistic solution for the children who are rescued is the greatest need in Chennai and across India. The work J&H does is unique and complements the government and other NGOs.

Justice Ventures International

Justice Ventures International secures freedom, justice and restoration for the poor and oppressed by strengthening ventures that promote justice.

We equip justice venture leaders.
We invest capital in justice ventures.
We engage global partners and volunteers.


U&I is a volunteer driven charity that is committed to work towards positive social change in the spheres of education, anti-trafficking, child and women welfare and mental health. As of today, U&I impacts more than 850 people directly on a weekly basis. With a focus on engaging people in social action, U&I runs 20 projects across Bangalore and in Chennai, Mumbai, Mysore, Coimbatore, Manipal, Mangalore, Pune in partnership with other social organizations.


Purnata intends to work collaboratively with similar-minded organizations and individuals to address human trafficking through:

Prevention: Reducing both the vulnerability of potential victims particularly in source areas, the demand for exploitation in all its forms in destination areas.
Rescue & Rehabilitate: Protect and restore survivors of human trafficking to a life of dignity, purpose and economic independence, providing holistic, integrated livelihoods options.
Reintegrate & Repatriate: Reintegrating survivors of human trafficking back to safe communities, both within the borders of India and abroad.
Research: Bridge the current information gap on the situation of trafficking in persons, by providing accurate statistics and case studies, leading to addressable root causes.