Plays performed by Open House

Queen of Hearts (2017)

Queen of Hearts is a musical based on the courageous exploits of Queen Esther, an immigrant woman who was crowned queen of the Persian Empire.

Using music, dance and drama, the modern feministic take on this story resonates with current issues in the world today.


Chetan Rao – A popular actor in the Kannada film and television industry; Veteran of over 10 plays.

Abraham Varghese Rules the Bangalore music circuit; KJ at all the most popular pubs.

Richard Tholoor World Champion dancer; Salsa God.

Zubin Vincent Genre-busting import from Chennai; Acted in plays ranging from pantomimes (The Free Musketeers) to musicals (Les Miserables) to comedy (Skipping Christmas) to tragedy (Romeo and Juliet)

Battlefield (2017)

An imagination of what could have transpired in the conversation between God and Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, the night before Jesus’s crucifixion.


Zubin Vincent

The Christmas Shootout (2016)

A talk show doomed from the beginning because the high profile guests- a Saudi billionaire, a Hollywood actress, a local politician and a clueless American indophile refuse to get along, much to the horror of the show’s ambitious host who has been given one final chance to create a hit TV series.

Things go further downhill when a riot outside the premises prevent the guests & audience from leaving; the true colours of the guests become evident as their stage personas unravel under the stress of the shootout. An audience member tries to calm them down with psychotherapy, and in the process, they stumble onto the Christmas story… of a baby born into the midst of the chaos so he could help us make sense of it all.


Jimmy Xavier, Grace John, Aaron Punnen, Abel Mathews, Siby Thomas, Elma John